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There's nothing special about me, but it might help to know a little bit about my background.

I was born in 1954 and grew up in Clapham, South London. I married Pam in 1975 and joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1976, spending the next 18 years working at home and abroad as an aircraft technician.
I moved to Northampton on leaving the RAF and studied for an HND in Business Information Systems, which opened the door to a later career as a technical author and Senior Consultant in Information Systems.
For the last 10 years before my retirement, I worked as a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) in the Kingsthorpe and St David's area of Northampton.

  • I have 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren

  •  I have a measured IQ of 153 and was a member of MENSA for over 20 years.

  • I am an insulin dependent type 2 diabetic.

  • I have Alzheimer's disease.

I am living with dementia...

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