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Covid 19 and the Blitz Spirit

While lying in hospital waiting for my shoulder operation, it occurred to me that this pandemic has been going on for a long time now, and is still badly affecting the operation of our health services and sadly still causing fatalities. And it is clear that many people are ignoring its effects.

The shock value has worn off. Even though people are still dying and getting sick, great numbers.

We're told now that our test and trace system was a "waste of money" because it isn't working.

But I've seen it work on holiday in the Isle of Wight earlier this year.

The shopkeepers and citizens were rigidly enforcing the rules, and making sure that QR codes were captured before entering shops, restaurants, or places where people gather. And that if you didn't have a smartphone, you left your details, which were taken by the staff so that you could be contacted in case you had been exposed to an infection.

I'm afraid that just doesn't happen anymore in most places now on mainland UK.

And then it occurred to me...

During WW2 we had a volunteer force of Air Raid Precaution (ARP) wardens who patrolled the streets, they wore uniforms. And they would enforce the rules that were in place to protect the population, and make sure people stuck to them.

They would ensure that people had their windows covered during the night time that they weren't showing any light, and that all of the precautions necessary, for instance, wearing a gas mask were taken in order to keep safe. They also gave advice and guidance.

If people didn't comply, hefty fines could be imposed.

Members of the public largely welcomed them, because the role they performed saved lives.

There was was a "Blitz Spirit" in those days. People were pulling together to try and do what was right to look after the population at large.

And we just don't seem have that now.

We have settled down to a sort of selfishness. A selfishness, that just means that we don't care about the consequences our actions may have upon others.

This is why you see so many people not wearing masks in public. they don't mind coughing their own contagion over other people, as long as they can get away with not wearing one of those darned inconvenient masks.

And if they've been vaccinated, they often thing they can no longer catch or transmit the virus, so they no longer need to take precautions.

Of course, you and I know that doesn't matter. Anyone with a modicum of knowledge of medical matters, knows that you can still pass your contagion on.

So how do we ensure compliance if there's no moral imperative anymore for people to do the right thing?

Well THEN I'm afraid, the rules must be enforced. And I really do believe that we should have a cohort of of people now, COVID Precaution wardens, who can patrol the community reminding people that they should be wearing masks and explaining why, making sure that shops comply with regulations and are recording people's visits to the premises and making sure that the test and trace procedures are followed. What do YOU think? Would Covid Wardens help save lives and accelerate the recovery from this pandemic?

I really think that that would help to save lives.

And even one life saved. This is wonderful thing.

We need the Blitz Spirit back in our society. We need to understand that we're all stronger together when we work towards a common cause. And the common cause of course, is the preservation of life and the defeat of this virus.

For goodness sake, let's do it.

Sadly, we have a government at the moment that seems to think that everything is the choice of the individual. But there's a greater imperative than that in my opinion, and that is the preservation of society in general. And also the protection of vulnerable people.

And the way we can look after people who are vulnerable to COVID-19 is if all of us pull together to ensure their safety.

And if that means sometimes perhaps being a little bit uncomfortable by wearing a mask in a public crowded place. For goodness sake, it's not much to ask is if it saves a life.

You know, just have a little thought for others.

After all, isn't that one of the main foundations that a good society is founded on? That mutual respect and camaraderie that you get through performing unselfish acts.

I really do despair, that we are living now in an increasingly selfish society. And I think we are all suffering from it. I'd love to know your thoughts on this subject.

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