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Crusading for Dementia

I am a weapon in the fight for dementia awareness.

I am a foot soldier in the battle to win more government funding for dementia.

At least, I should be…

I’ve spent hours on and off over the last few weeks trying to make contact with someone, anyone in Northamptonshire who might “weaponize” me and help me to reach the movers and shakers who hold the purse strings, so that I can have the opportunity to show them the many good reasons why they should give more funding to dementia services in my County.

In comparison to the rest of the UK, Northamptonshire seems like a desert as far as dementia services are concerned.

The practitioners and social worker in dementia care and everyone involved in the Alzheimer’s Society are wonderful, helpful and professional, but they have no control over the provision of local services. And no-one in Northamptonshire seems bothered enough to do anything - unless of course they’re doing it under the radar without help from people like me who are “on the journey”.

On a good day I still have most of my marbles, so now’s the time to use the few skills I possess in public speaking and debate in the cause of dementia – trouble is, I can’t find anyone who can use me and I don’t know how to begin to tackle the job on my own.

It’s SO frustrating!

I need a campaign manager!

Is there anyone out there, living in Northamptonshire who can help me to reach the people who decide where the Social Care budget is spent?

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Peter Middleton
Peter Middleton
Sep 11, 2020

Thanks Rosie. I'll get cracking and write a letter. I'll let everyone know how I get on...


Rosie Flaxman
Rosie Flaxman
Sep 11, 2020

First stop should be your MP. Even if s/he's not to your liking, they have a duty to represent all their constituents and are there to help. They know their way round the system and who's who in the local area. You're very brave. I wish you good luck.

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