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Dementia Drop-in Centres

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Now is the time.

Now is the time to think differently about dementia services.

Imagine a place in every town where people affected by dementia could go to meet others on the same journey, get advice and support, buy dementia-related products, take part in fundraising events, get the latest news.

A local hub functioning as both a community resource AND a fundraiser, staffed by a mixture of professionals and volunteers from the vast army of people living with dementia.

Imagine what a vibrant, exciting place it would be!

This is my vision for the perfect Drop-In centre:

  • A Charity Shop incorporating a shop for dementia-related products

  • An Advice centre for people affected by dementia and businesses who want to be active partners and become dementia friendly

  • A Café and chill out area

  • A space for events, support groups and workshops

  • A Focal point for the dementia community

  • Managed by a paid professional

  • Staffed where possible by people living with dementia

  • Offering a whole range of help, support and advice

  • The "go to" place for dementia-related info and action

  • A place where people living with dementia can meet and make friends

  • A base from which activities can be undertaken to raise funds and awareness.

Now is the time to make bold and brave decisions. To change the way we operate and bring the world of dementia and dementia services closer to the people by involving and mobilising the vast army of people living with dementia.

Now is the time to capitalise on the current availability of vacant high street premises suitable for a bold venture.

Is anyone visionary enough to make this dream a reality? I would love to discuss this idea with Alzheimer's Society staffers.

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