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My Brain is a Button Box

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

I woke up this morning with a thought buzzing around my head.

“Trying to recall a memory is like sorting through a button box” I thought.

So many candidates, but only one is fit for purpose – you merely have to find it.

But there are SO many buttons! And some are so distractingly interesting and gaudy that they can make one lose focus on the search in hand.

So I wrote a poem.

Perhaps it will help you to understand my muddled thinking.

My Brain is a Button Box


are like buttons

they fill our button box brains.

We search

for the button

that holds the name, the place, the answer.

We sort

through the buttons

thousands. Some similar, but not quite the one we’re after.

We’re distracted

by the buttons that remind us

of cherished memories of things long past.

We’re confused

by memories that all seem the same

shirt button memories, that must be closely examined to discern a difference.

We worry

that our button memories

are being stolen from us by an invisible thief.

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