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Panic in the Car Park...

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Disabled Badges and Dementia

I have early onset dementia, but I am still able to drive safely with the aid of a Satnav.

Parking however, is a nightmare.

I often cannot locate my vehicle when returning to the car park. it is very distressing, especially in a really large car park, and I have spent up to 20 minutes, anxiously searching before success.

Sometimes, while shopping in busy places I am overwhelmed by sensory overload, and I need to flee to the comfort and safety of my vehicle until the panic has gone and I am recovered enough to face the throng again.

Will I qualify for a blue disability badge?

I don't know, but I will submit an application.

What I would like is a well marked, well signposted parking place that is easily located from any point in the car park. It doesn't need to be close to the door, it simply needs to be easy to find.

It seems to me that this particular need is just not anticipated or catered for.

What do YOU think?

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