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Push Yourself!

Sometimes, it's difficult to motivate oneself. But it's vitally important to our wellbeing that we continue to challenge ourselves. It can be difficult - even frightening, but it's ALWAYS worthwhile.

When I first received my diagnosis and I realised that I was never going to return to the job I loved but would instead be consigned to early retirement, had no idea how I would fill the days, weeks, months and years remaining to me.

"Everything comes to he who waits" Lady Mary Montgomerie Currie

Now it may be true that "everything comes to he who waits", but when you have a diagnosis of dementia you're a fool if you wait for the "grand design" or your favourite deity to come to your rescue.

"God helps those who help themselves" Algernon Sydney 1623 - 1683

Sydney's quote is by far my preferred quote while the clock is ticking, and by far the best course of action in my humble opinion, so I began the process of contacting local, national and international organisations that has resulted in a series of deeply rewarding and productive associations that keep me feeling useful, sharp and fulfilled. I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful, erudite, brave and professional individuals and have discovered that even the largest of organizations are chock-full of dedicated and committed individuals.

In a nutshell. Reaching out, making contacts and offering my meagre services in any way that might be helpful has transformed my retirement from a dreary parade of dull days into a vibrant and colourful adventure.

So, what about YOU?

If you're not already doing so, I strongly urge you to reach out and make contact with people who could use your help. Your local library, dementia groups, carers groups, volunteer agencies, campaign groups... The list is endless. Don't be frightened about being "knocked back". there is an army of people out there looking for volunteers and they will be delighted to welcome you. You come with a lifetime of skills and experience, and your dementia is not a barrier to your usefulness. Indeed, it can actually be a distinct advantage. You will make new friends and acquaintances, have more to talk about and feel the satisfaction of lending a hand. What's not to like?

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