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The Mystery of the Missing Stuff...

I've lost it again. My mobile phone. I had it an hour ago, and now I can't find it. I misplace my phone with monotonous regularity, many times a day. I'm not alone; we all do it.

How many times have you misplaced YOUR phone? your keys? your purse/wallet? Well, imagine doing it many times a day...

Welcome to my world!

I've been analysing what happens when I misplace my phone, and it's quite interesting. I've worked out that I don't see the details in things very well anymore. My black phone is simply an amorphous block of black, and when I place it on the black work surface in my kitchen, it effectively disappears. Like many people, I'm red/green colour-blind, so I've always had trouble seeing red on green (don't take me to a "pick your own" fruit farm, I'll come away empty-handed), but this is a different sort of "invisibility" and I don't fully understand it. I can search a location unsuccessfully two or three times, only to locate the object I'm looking for in the same location at the fourth attempt. It's frustrating and worrying. I'm guessing that my brain functions are slowly altering and spatial, temporal and visual faculties are beginning to degenerate.

*** Note to self*** Time to work out some coping strategies.

I wonder if anyone else out there who is living with dementia has found some useful ways to avoid misplacing stuff?

Oh. by the way. That remote control you can't find? It's slipped down the side of the cushion on your settee... 😉

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