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The Naked Man

Yep. That's me.

Walking down a High Street. Running through an office block or out in the countryside in all weathers.

Lately, in my dreams, I am often naked. I somehow have lost my clothes and I am searching for them. I am never embarrassed, and the people I meet aren't either. I try to cover myself as far as possible, but not if it's getting in the way of my search. Sometimes, the people in my dreams give me items of clothing to wear, but they are never quite appropriate or well-fitting. I NEVER manage to find the clothing I have lost.

This nakedness motif has become a regular feature of my lucid dreaming, and I remember with great clarity the strangeness of the situations I find myself in; never quite knowing how I arrived in them. Perhaps the nakedness is a metaphor for some subconscious vulnerability I feel about the loss of memory I am experiencing.

There is certainly an element of helplessness and a reliance on others in my dream stories. And the things that I have lost, can never by retrieved or properly replaced.

Is this a common dream scenario? I'd love to swap notes. Please respond. Let me know your thoughts and opinions. I value them.

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