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The Rollercoaster of Dementia

My journey into dementia is a rollercoaster.

Mostly it's calm and placid, then suddenly - often without warning, I feel like I'm plummeting in free fall into something frightening and unknown.

Yesterday, I ate a burger and some chips; not too many. A couple of hours later, my blood sugar levels had rocketed to about 16mmol (I try to keep them between 4 and 10). The warning bleeper on my phone that is linked to the sensor in my tummy was screeching every few minutes until around 2am this morning, when my blood sugar levels dropped back to around 11mmol.

I woke up at 7am feeling tired, muddled, unable to concentrate and not able to speak without stuttering and stammering.

I wonder how much influence my diabetes has on the progression and effects of my dementia?

I'm guessing that many people living with dementia have some level of diabetes, and hopefully, serious studies have been undertaken to investigate any links between the two diseases.

I'd be interesting to hear from any diabetics living with dementia, carers or professionals who can shed more light on the subject or have anecdotes.

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