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SMASH your Online Meetings!

Whether you're attending your first Zoom or Teams meeting, or facilitating one, there are few instructions to help you get it right.

Trouble logging in?

Camera or microphone not working?

Feedback that sounds like you are at a Jimi Hendrix concert?

Having trouble figuring out how to use the comments function or to mute and unmute?

What do all of those icons mean?

What do I do if things go wrong?

Many people simply don't attend online meetings because they don't feel confident to work the software. It can be daunting.

Even those facilitators who are hosting meetings often struggle. Allocating people to rooms, sharing screens, using the whiteboard etc... All can be a nightmare!

Well, suppose you had a handy cheat sheet that you could print out and keep next to you? (why not laminate them and make them tea and coffee-proof!)

One for Zoom and one for Teams. One that showed you how to set up a meeting, set up your equipment, log in and use all of the features and hotkeys?

What if they came as a PDF files that had links in the text that took you to simple explanatory videos?

Well, the good folks at CustomGuide have done just that, and have made their guides completely free to download and share. As a one-time Technical author I can tell you that they are incredibly well-written, comprehensive and professional. Their site has many other useful cheat sheets guides and online training, so please look around and maybe give them a thank you.

I want to meet more people living with dementia online. We learn from and support each other and it makes me sad to think that some people are put-off by the seeming complexity of the software required.

So please download the Microsoft Teams resource....

Download PDF • 582KB

And here's the ZOOM cheat sheet...

Download PDF • 586KB

I hope you will find them as useful as I do. Please let me know if there's anything that you think isn't covered and I'll write an extra guide covering things like lighting, creating the right environment etc.

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1 commentaire

Barbara B Dunn
Barbara B Dunn
25 mai 2022

Hi Peter, Thank You for sharing this! I have been using Teams every day for the past 18 months. Just the other day, I learned something new - AGAIN. If I do not use a feature on a regular basis I forget how to use it! Cheat Sheets come in handy in situations like this! The same goes for Zoom - I do not use it regularly. I plan to share the Zoom Cheat Sheet with my parents who are in their 80's and they use Zoom on a weekly basis.

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